15 Romantic Restaurants in Peoria, IL (Date-Night Spots)

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Peoria, IL, is picturesque with beautiful waterfront views is the perfect place to find a romantic place to dine.

Romantic restaurants in Peoria, IL, offer couples a cost atmosphere, captivating views, and carefully crafted food. 

Romantic Restaurants in Peoria, IL

1.  2 Chez

Prices: $$
Best for: First Date
Location: 7815 North Knoxville Ave.

2 Chez is the perfect first-date restaurant in Peoria, IL.  The rustic, wood-paneled interior is cozy and warm, making it a quiet spot to chat and get to know someone. Their waitstaff will recommend the perfect cocktail or wine pairing to go with your delicious handcrafted food. 

If you’re looking for a place to take a date you met on a Peoria, IL, dating app with delicious food that won’t break the bank, 2 Chez is the perfect spot!

2. The Fish House

Prices: $$$
Best for: Seafood
Location: 4919 N. University Street.

The Fish House may not sound like the name of a romantic restaurant, but this incredible seafood and steakhouse is the perfect spot for a date night dinner. The Fish House has been open for over forty years and has perfected the art of fresh seafood and delicious meals.

The atmosphere is dark and romantic, if a little dated but the exceptional service and food make it perfect for romantic dining in Peoria, IL.

3. Jimmy’s Bar

Prices: $
Best for: Casual Date
Location: 2801 W. Farmington Rd. 

Jimmy’s Bar is a cozy, fun bar for a casual romantic night, and it’s a great place to meet singles. The place is usually busy, but that doesn’t stop the service from being top-notch and friendly. There is often live music, and they serve traditional and delicious bar food. 

Jimmy’s Bar is a popular spot in Peoria and is a guaranteed fun night out with your date. Cozy up in the corner or on two bar stools with some drinks for a good old-fashioned romantic outing.

4. Edge

Prices: $$$
Best for: Lunch Date
Location: 4500 N. Prospect Rd.

Edge is a romantic lunch date restaurant with large windows and ample natural lighting. The sunlight makes the polished wood floors gleam, and the wine bottle sparkle. Chef Dustin Allen creates and serves an eclectic menu inspired by American, Southern, and Seafood cuisine. 

In the evening’s Edge is a great romantic rooftop restaurant in Peoria, IL, with a large rooftop patio. The patio is beautifully lit by gas-fire structures in the center of the tables and a canopy of fairy lights.

5. Connected

Prices: $$$
Best for: Special Occasion
Location: 3218 N. Dries Lane.

Dining at Connected is like stepping into a storybook. The central part of the interior is designed to look like a quaint street, one you might see in London or old-time New York. Atop a balcony, a grand piano sits, and beautiful, live music trickles down as you dine.

Waterfalls, a stream, gorgeous chandeliers, and fairy lights add to the romantic vibe of this Peoria, IL, date night restaurant. Connected is an excellent spot for special occasion dinners as they will hand decorate a plate with chocolate to read Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, etc. 

6. Jonah’s Seafood House

Prices: $$$$
Best for: Dinner with a View
Location: 9712 N. Western Ave.

Jonah’s Seafood House is among the most romantic restaurants in Peoria, IL. They cook and serve exceptional seafood, and the restaurant provides romantic dinners with a view of the Illinois River. It is the perfect spot for dinner during sunset.

Jonah’s serves fresh seafood with the location source printed on the menu. They also have an extensive selection of wines, beers, and cocktails. Their wine list is organized by which food it pairs best to help you make the perfect selection. 

7. The Publik House

Prices: $$
Best for: Old World Charm
Location: 4614 N. Prospect Rd. 

For couples who love the old warm charm and character, the locally owned English-style Publik House is the perfect date night restaurant in Peoria, IL. The Publik House is an excellent spot for dinner, or they serve a magnificent Sunday brunch. 

Hardwood floors, dark leather booths, and old-fashioned fixtures add to the charm of this wonderful date night spot. When the weather is nice, enjoy eating on their outdoor patio.

Excellent service and great drinks round out why Publik House is among the best date night restaurants in Peoria, IL 

8. Hearth

Prices: $$$
Best for: Whiskey Lovers
Location: 4604 N. Prospect Ave.

Hearth is a cozy American-style restaurant perfect for a romantic dinner in Peoria, IL. Winner of the 2016 Best Date Night Restaurant in Peoria Award, they use local farm and fresh ingredients to craft their food.

Whiskey lovers will adore their extensive bourbon, scotch, and whiskey list and create whiskey flights suited to your tastes. Hearth is dimly lit with charming light fixtures and decorated with antique accents creating a romantic atmosphere. 

9. Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse

Prices: $$
Best for: Steak Dinner
Location: 101 Holiday Street

Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse is a nice restaurant in Peoria, IL, for a steak or Italian dinner. Private, romantic booths make it a great spot for a quiet conversation as you sip wine and enjoy one of their delicious appetizers.

Johnny’s excels at steaks and Italian dishes and serves Italian coffee and espresso cocktails. The attentive and professional staff help rank Jonny’s among the best date restaurants in Peoria, IL.

10. Thyme Kitchen & Craft Beer

Prices: $$
Best for: Beer Lovers
Location: 736 SW Washington St. 

Thyme Kitchen & Craft Beer’s ambiance alone makes this beautiful restaurant in Peoria, IL, the perfect romantic spot. The multi-tiered bar is stunning, and the soft, glowing lights create a unique effect.

A bench made from suitcases, deer heads wearing bowties, and chandeliers made from antlers make this restaurant one of a kind. The second-story loft is perfect for a romantic first-date dinner in a fun and casual environment. 

11. The Blue Duck Barbecue Tavern

Prices: $$$
Best for: Quiet Meal
Location: 212 W. Water Street, Suite B

The Blue Duck Barbecue Tavern sits along the waterfront, offering scenic views and great food. Sitting outside with a view of the water makes this quiet restaurant in Peoria, IL, special and romantic. The waterfront location makes it one of the best romantic restaurants in Peoria, IL, for locals and visitors alike. 

Inside, the cozy tavern has a beautiful bar and gorgeous stained-glass windows. It’s an excellent spot for a lunch date and a magnificent tasting handheld. 

12. Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe

Prices: $$
Best for: Gluten-Free & Vegetarian Options
Location: 305 SW Water Street

Rhythm Kitchen’s unique decor consisting of chandeliers made from old liquor bottles creates an atmosphere for romantic dining in Peoria, IL. In addition, this kitschy spot offers a nice selection of gluten-free and vegetarian options. 

This fun spot serves NOLA-inspired food in an artsy atmosphere. It’s not a fancy restaurant in Peoria, IL but the stellar food, excellent service, and dark, cozy vibe make it the perfect spot for a romantic meal. 

13. Jim’s Steakhouse

Prices: $$$$
Best for: Special Occasion
Location: 110 SW Jefferson Ave

Jim’s Steakhouse is a romantic Peoria, IL restaurant perfect for a special occasion dinner like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. The dark wood, forest green interior, and walls peppered with oil paintings are reminiscent of an old-school club.

Every Friday and Saturday night, guests can enjoy live music in the piano bar, which offers a more relaxed vibe than the formal dining room.

Jim’s Steakhouse has been around for over 50 years and is a Peoria institution that all couples should dine at, at least once. 

14. Rizzi’s Italian Restaurant

Prices: $$
Best for: Italian
Location: 24613 N. Sheridan Rd. 

Rizzi’s Italian Restaurant is ranked as the most romantic Italian restaurant in Peoria, IL. A little dated on the inside, but it offers an old-school Italian restaurant charm that is tough to match. 

Rizzi’s serves traditional Italian food using homemade pasta and strong cocktails. It has a nice wine list to pair with your meal. You can finish your meal with one of their traditional Italian desserts like cannoli or spumoni. 

15. Obed & Issac’s Microbrewery and Eatery

Prices: $$
Best for: A Memorable Dinner
Location: 321 NE Madison

Obed & Issac’s Microbrewery and Eatery will stun you from the moment you set eyes on the exterior and will wow you even more once you step inside.

Set inside the Second Presbyterian Church, the exterior and interior architecture is stunning and unique. Original stained-glass windows frame the dining room, and vaulted, wood-beamed ceilings give the room a large, airy feel.

Obed & Issac’s food is simple but delicious and features flatbreads, dinner salads, warps, and gourmet burgers like their Candied Bacon Burboin Burger or the Lamb Burger.

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