15 Best Date Ideas in Spokane 2024 (Fun & Romantic)

spokane date ideas

Spokane, Washington, is a beautiful, historic city full of culture and nature. It’s the perfect place for dates for couples who love the outdoors, wineries, and good food! 

Whether you live in Spokane or a nearby suburb, we have a list of 15 best date ideas in Spokane for you and your partner to try!

Date Ideas in Spokane

1. Mizuna Restuanrant and Wine Bar

Cost: $$
Best for: First date, Romance
Location: 214 N. Howard St.

Once you’ve met someone on a dating app in Spokane you’d like to take out, it’s time to choose the perfect spot. Mizuna is a popular, romantic restaurant near the waterfront. This romantic restaurant is the perfect, quiet spot for a first date in Spokane. Its atmosphere is perfect for talking and getting to know someone. 

Mizuna serves gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. Their vegan carrot cake with maple-lemon frosting or amaretto roasted pear with vegan coconut ice cream is not to be missed! 

2. Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Cost: $
Best for: Art Lovers
Location: 2316 W. 1st. Ave.

While beautiful, Washington cities are prone to rain, so an indoor date that the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture is a guaranteed dry and entertaining date in Spokane. The museum is ideal for a weekend, afternoon date, or the third Thursday of the month; it remains open until 9 pm.

You and your partner can wander through exhibits featuring contemporary and historical art, regional history, and American Indian history and art. The museum also hosts programs like book talks, tours with the curator, live music, and special exhibitions.

3. Hogwash Whiskey Den

Cost: $$
Best for: Food & Drinks
Location: 304 W. Pacific Ave.

The Hogwash Whiskey Den is a cozy, prohibition-style restaurant and bar with an extensive whisky & bourbon list and delicious food. In addition to whisky flights, beer, and wine, they serve up son NA alternatives like the Aurora Hops Yuzu Orange Blossom and Athletic Run Wild IPA. 

Hogwash Whiskey Den is an excellent date night restaurant in Spokane because of its friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere. Hogwash is open Monday through Saturday from 4 pm to 10 pm and on Sundays for brunch from 10 am to 2 pm. 

4. John A. Finch Arboretum

Cost: Free
Best for: Outdoor Day Date
Location: 3404 W. Woodland Blvd.

The John A. Finch Arboretum is a cheap date idea in Spokane and is perfect for a beautiful day. The park is free to enter and open year-round; however public restrooms are only open from May 1st through October 31st. 

Head to the website and print off a self-guided walking tour for you and your partner to enjoy! The park grounds are open from dawn to dusk, so hours vary with the seasons. It’s the perfect Spokane date idea for nature and photography lovers!

5. Park Lodge Restaurant

Cost: $$$
Best for: Foodies
Location: 411 N. Nettleton St.

Park Lodge Restaurant serves locally inspired comfort food. From delicious local oysters to wood-fired chicken, their seasonal, local menu is guaranteed to serve up a romantic date night in Spokane.

Set in Kendall Yards overlooking the Spokane River, the simple, natural ambiance of Park Lodge is relaxing and casual. 

Park Lodge is closed Sundays and Mondays but is open until 8 pm Tuesday through Thursday and 9 pm Fridays and Saturdays. The menu is limited but frequently changes due to the availability of fresh, local ingredients. 

6. Rafting on the Spokane River

Cost: $$$
Best for: Group Dates or Coupled with Kids
Location: TBD based on trip chosen

Spokane River Rafting offers a variety of 1.5 to 4+ hour gentle rafting and white water rafting options. Gentle rafting trips are suitable for children as young as five or six as long as they can swim. White water rafting is great for couples who want to bring their kids along or on group dates!

The website’s FAQ section will help couples choose the perfect trip! Reservations are recommended and can be made directly from their website.

7. Roast House

Cost: $$
Best for: Coffee Date
Location: 423 East Cleveland Ave Ste C

Roast House is a premium coffee roaster and the perfect spot for a casual, fun Spokane date. Enjoy fantastic coffee in a whimsical environment. Coffee dates are ideal for first dates, relaxed weekend get-togethers, first-time meet-ups for blind dates, or someone you met on a dating app.

Roast House also serves tea and sells merch, and if you and your date love their coffee, you can sign up for a subscription plan, so you never run out of beans!

8. Blue Zoo

Cost: $$
Best for: Animal Lovers & Couples with kids.
Location: 4750 N Division St Ste 1242 Northtown Mall

A day trip to the Blue Zoo is a unique Spokane date idea. Zoos and aquariums are perfect dates to learn something new about your partner and live animals!

Blue Zoo is a relaxing, fun, and educational aquarium perfect for couples or those dating with kids who want to bring them along!

At Blue Zoo, you and your date can touch and feed reptiles, birds, and stingrays and observe sharks and other saltwater predators! Time at the Blue Zoo is an adventurous and fun date idea in Spokane!

9. Baba Restaurant

Cost: $$
Best for: Mediterranean Food
Location: 1242 W Summit Pkwy

Baba is a relaxed, Mediterranean restaurant with delicious food, daily happy hour, and an extensive mocktail menu for the sober curious. The Blossom Collins made with blossom water, Babu sour, and soda is incredibly refreshing!

Baba also mixes unique cocktails like its Mintea with rum, black tea, mint, sugar, lime, and cardamon. Baba is a funky small plate date spot in Spokane guaranteed to please! The restaurant is open from 3 am to 9 pm Monday – Thursday and serves brunch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting at 10 am. 

10. Barrister Winery

Cost: $$
Best for: Wine Tasting
Location: 1213 W. Railroad Ave.

The region around Spokane is known for its excellent wines and wineries. The Barrister Winery is a picturesque, relaxed spot for wine lovers to enjoy a date. Barrister winery is also a great spot for art lovers as they host monthly artists’ works.

If you enjoy music, visit the winery on Wednesdays and Fridays when it hosts live music. On a lovely evening, visiting Battister Winery is the perfect date night idea in Spokane. Reservations are required.  

11. Attend a Performance at the Knitting Factory

Cost: $-$$
Best for: Live Music and Performances
Location: 919 W. Sprague Ave

The Knitting Factory is Spokane’s premiere location for singles, live music and is one of the best date ideas in Spokane. There is always someone new performing, primarily music acts, but the occasional stand-up comedian takes the stage from time to time. 

Before your show, enjoy dinner at the District Bar, adjacent to the theater. The District Bar serves delicious flatbreads, salads, and sandwiches. The bar also serves over a dozen custom cocktails and rotates various local breweries on tap.

12. Riverside Park

Cost: $
Best for: Great Views & Outdoor date
Location: 919 W. Sprague Ave

If you need a romantic date idea in Spokane, take your partner to Riverside Park and ride the Numerica Skyride. Day or evening, the park and Skyride are among the best dates in Spokane. Visiting the park is an inexpensive way to spend time with your partner, enjoy the attractions, or simply walk around people-watching. 

The Skyride lasts 15-20 minutes, offering plenty of time to relax and talk. In addition, Riverside Park offers many other fun attractions like a carousel, pedal cars, a cafe, and more!

13. Gilded Unicorn

Cost: $$
Best for: A Romantic Dinner
Location: 110 S. Monroe St.

The Gilded Unicorn is one of the most romantic dates in Spokane. Its rustic, colonial atmosphere is incredibly romantic and the perfect place to cozy up with your partner. Twenty unicorns are hidden around the restaurant, so play a game with your partner to see if you can find them all!

The menu consists of modern twists on classic American comfort foods like its Harissa Meatloaf or the Tater-Tot Casserole made with a sherry cream sauce and fresh herbs.

14. Unit 55 Escape Room

Cost: $$
Best for: A Thrilling Date
Location: 225 N. Ella Rd.

Escaping from a Unit 55 challenge is a great way to bond with your partner and a fun alternative to a traditional Spokane date night. Themes change based on the season, but there is always spooky, thrilling, blood-curdling fun as you and your partner try to outwit the clock!

Reservations are required and can be booked in advance on the website. Go alone with your partner or pair up with another couple or two. Room prices are based on how many people are attending. 

15. View an Indie Film at the Magic Lantern Theater

Cost: $
Best for: Movie Lovers
Location: 25 W Main Ave.

The Magic Lantern Theater is an old-fashioned movie house that is the perfect location for a Spokane date night idea. The Magic Lantern shows independent films and documentaries and is a great place to catch films you won’t find elsewhere. 

The theater’s small, intimate auditoriums are perfect for snuggling and watching one-of-a-kind films. Don’t forget to snag a coffee and popcorn popped in an old-fashioned machine to enjoy while watching!

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