15 Best Singles Bars in Spokane 2024 (to Meet & Mingle)

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Spokane is a small but culturally packed city with plenty of singles bars to choose from. Here are the best singles bars in Spokane to meet and mingle.

Best Singles Bars in Spokane

1. Baby Bar

Prices: $
Best for: Cocktails and mixers
Location: 827 W. 1st Ave

The Baby Bar is one of the top-reviewed singles bars in Spokane. Its dark, intimate setting and strong drinks make it a magnet for singles looking to relax, have a good time, and meet other singles. It’s open late and often has live music. 

The bar is often crowded but not packed and offers plenty of opportunities to meet new people. Because it’s such a popular place, it’s the perfect public place to meet someone you hooked up with on one of Spokane’s dating apps

2. Volstead Act

Prices: $$
Best for: Intimate setting and talking
Location: 12 N. Post. St.

The Volstead Act is Spokane’s premiere craft cocktail bar and an excellent bar for singles in Spokane. The mixologists there are known for crafting delicious cocktails from their unique bar menu. The chic bar is named after the National Prohibition Act in effect in the U.S. from 1920-1933. 

It has an intimate setting perfect for chatting or playing a board game. In addition, it’s a great bar for singles who work in the restaurant and bar industry and is known as a popular “industry” hangout.

3. nYne Bar & Bistro

Prices: $$
Best for: LGBT
Location: 232 W. Sprague Ave.

nYne Bar & Bistro is an LGBT-friendly bar and nightclub. It’s a fun place to dance the night away with friends and is a good singles bar in Spokane to meet other LGBT individuals. The bar is open until 2 am on Thursdays through Saturdays, and they host live music and DJs.

Wednesdays and Thursdays, they have karaoke, and Friday and Saturday nights, they host drag shows before the dance party begins. nYne is a great place for dancing and drinks.

4. Sapphire Lounge

Prices: $$
Best for: Romance
Location: 901 W. 1st Ave

The Sapphire Lounge is a sexy and romantic bar for singles in Spokane. Excellent service, unique and seasonal cocktails, and happy hour every Friday and Saturday from 10 pm to closing make it the perfect atmosphere for single life in Spokane.

It’s an ideal spot to meet up with someone you met online or start a conversation at the bar with the person next to you. The Sapphire Lounge has a sophisticated atmosphere and draws an eclectic mix of people.

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5. The Flying Goat

Prices: $$
Best for: A Good Meal
Location: 3318 W Northwest Blvd.

The Flying Goat is the best bar in Spokane for singles who also want a good meal while mingling. The food at this gastro pub receives high stars all around, and they serve craft beer, including a few local brews. Plus, they have a handful of gluten-free and alcohol-free beers.

The Flying Goat is great for singles to watch the game and meet fellow fans. In addition, the outdoor patio provides a spot to talk and mingle. 

6.  Zola

Prices: $$
Best for: Live Music
Location: 22 W. Main Ave

Zola is among the top bars for traveling singles in Spokane. Happy hour daily from 4-6  pm, admission for 21 and over only, and regular live music make it the perfect spot to check out whether tracking for business or pleasure. 

Zola is a superb bar to meet singles in Spokane who love live music and are into the indie music scene. There is always something new to check out with live music on a near-nightly basis. 

7. Mackenzie River Pizza, Grill, & Pub

Prices: $$
Best for: Happy Hour
Location: 2910 E 57th St.

Mackenzie River Pizza, Grill, & Pub is the quintessential happy hour place for singles. Delicious, gourmet pizzas made with fresh ingredients and a full bar and happy hour specials make this one of the best bars for singles in Spokane.

Happy Hour, held every Monday-Friday from 3-6 pm, is the perfect time to grab a drink and some pizza and meet other locals. The service is as good as the food so you can relax and have a good time.

8. Gamers Arcade Bar

Prices: $
Best for: Gamers
Location: 321 W. Sprague Ave

Single gamers should head to the Gamers Arcade, one of the best bars to meet singles in Spokane who love old-fashioned gaming. Retro arcade games and fun-themed nights like Marvel Monday or Tiki Thursday draw large groups of singles looking for fun.

The food is limited, but the main draw is the arcade, fun drinks, and a chance to socialize with other Spokane singles. Gamers Arcade is a 21+ establishment, so no teenagers running around or hogging up the machines. 

9. The Riddler Piano Bar

Prices: $$
Best for: Live Music & LGBT Friendly
Location: 718 W. Riverside Ave. 

If you’re single in Spokane, check out The Riddler Piano Bar for a night of lively music and entertainment. It’s the perfect spot to dance and hear your favorite songs, and it is one of the best party bars for singles in Spokane.

A cover charge applies, and the bar is only open Friday and Saturday nights. People of all ages love The Riddler, but it is an excellent bar for middle age singles in Spokane because of its old-school vibe.

10. Durkin’s Liquor Bar

Prices: $$
Best for: Older crowd 40+
Location: 415 W. Main Ave.

Durkin’s Liquor Bar is a relaxed atmosphere and a great over 40 singles bars in Spokane. A big roomy bar and delicious food make it a great place to grab a meal and meet other singles. They also have cozy booths should you meet someone you’d like to get to know better.

Durkin’s basement diner bar appeals to an older, nostalgic crowd and people love its intimate vibe. The bartenders serve up creative drinks and are known to create one on the spot if you tell them your preferences. 

11. Jack & Dan’s Tavern

Prices: $$
Best for: Drink with Friends
Location: 1226 N. Hamilton St.

Jack and Dan’s Tavern is a good, old-fashioned neighborhood bar and a great place for singles to hang out with friends. The bar has all your essentials: friendly bartenders, pool tables, dart boards, a jukebox, and outdoor seating. 

A great singles bar for lunch or dinner and to enjoy a couple of draft pints on your own or with buddies. It’s the kind of place you can quickly become a regular and is a fun local Spokane singles bar.

12. Birdy’s Sports Bar

Prices: $$
Best for: Sports Lovers
Location: 12908 N Hwy 395

Birdy’s Sports Bar is a singles bar for those who love good wings and watching games. Birdy’s even opens early on a game day, so fans can come in and watch! They also host trivia night every Wednesday, another opportunity to meet local singles in a friendly, competitive way.

They have a cozy firepit outside so singles can chat and mingle on the patio if they need a break from the inside action.

13. Red Room Lounge

Prices: $$
Best for: Dancing
Location: 521 W. Sprague

The Red Room Lounge is a top singles bar for younger people who love to dance. This dance club/music venue is a popular spot for singles to party late into the night. The bar has pool tables, a dance floor, cozy booths, and near-nightly live music performances.

The staff and bartenders get hit-or-miss reviews, but singles love the atmosphere, DJs, and live bands and say it’s a great place to enjoy a fun night out.

14 Cease and Desist Book Club 

Prices: $$
Best for: Late Night Drink
Location: 108 N. Washington St., Suite 100

The Cease and Desist Book Club is a hip, speakeasy-style bar perfect for singles in Spokane. They offer a wide range of unique cocktails and have several handcrafted non-alcoholic options for the sober curious. 

Cease and Desist is open daily from 4 pm til midnight and is the perfect spot for singles to grab a last drink before heading home. They pride themselves on their whisky offerings but serve a full bar of delicious drinks. 

15. The Globe Bar and Kitchen

Prices: $$
Best for: Lively Atmosphere & LGBTQIA
Location: 204 N. Division St.

The Globe Bar and Kitchen is an LGBTQIA hot spot but welcomes all! It is the perfect singles bar if you’re looking for a fun, lively atmosphere. They host various drag events, including shows, karaoke, dance parties, and even a drag brunch!

Their menu has local taps, signature cocktails, and delicious bar food. Sunday is an all-day happy hour, so go for brunch and stay for a fun afternoon and evening! The Globe is an excellent singles spot in Spokane to meet people from all walks of life.

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