15 Romantic Restaurants in Spokane (Date-Night Spots)

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Spokane is full of fantastic restaurants for dating and dining out.

The best romantic restaurants in Spokane have an intimate ambiance, feel-good food, and first-class service.

Romantic Restaurants in Spokane

1. Wooden City

Cost: $$
Best for: A First Date
Location: 819 W. Riverside Ave

Wooden City is the ideal first-date restaurant in Spokane. It has a casual, modern atmosphere perfect for talking and getting to know your date better. In addition, wooden City’s affordable prices ensure you won’t break the bank taking your date.

Wooden city has an extensive bar list, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, and their small plates are perfect for sharing. Spokane dating apps give you many potential dates to consider, but choosing Wooden City is a no-brainer!

2. Gilded Unicorn

Cost: $$
Best for: A Cozy Dinner
Location: 110 S. Monroe St.

The Gilded Unicorn is one of the best romantic restaurants in Spokane. Its rustic, colonial atmosphere is incredibly romantic and the perfect place to cozy up with your partner. Play a game with your date and see who can spot the twenty hidden unicorns first.  

The stone walls, wooden furniture, and dim lighting provide an old-fashioned and romantic atmosphere. Sip on one of their signature cocktails like the Guinevere featuring vodka and rose or the Pink Elephant with gin and creme de mure. 

3. Mizuna Restaurant and Wine Bar

Cost: $$
Best for: Vegan & Gluten-free Dining
Location: 214 N. Howard St.

Mizuna is a gourmet restaurant that serves gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. It is also a popular first-date romantic restaurant near the waterfront. It is perfect for a romantic first-date dinner because its quiet atmosphere is perfect for talking and getting to know someone. 

Vegans and gluten-intolerant diners will be delighted to see the extensive list of desserts to enjoy, like the cashew-crusted key lime tart or amaretto roasted pear with vegan coconut ice cream.

4. Park Lodge Restaurant

Cost: $$$
Best for: Dinner with a View
Location: 411 N. Nettleton St.  

Park Lodge Restaurant is perfect for a romantic dinner with a view. Set in Kendall Yards overlooking the Spokane River, the simple, natural ambiance of Park Lodge is relaxing and casual. It serves locally inspired comfort food based on a seasonal, local menu guaranteed to serve a romantic dinner in Spokane.

Park Lodge is closed Sundays and Mondays but is open until 8 pm Tuesday through Thursday and 9 pm Fridays and Saturdays.

5. Hogwash Whiskey Den

Cost: $$
Best for: Casual Food & Drinks
Location: 304 W. Pacific Ave.

The Hogwash Whiskey Den may not sound like a romantic place; however, it is a cozy, prohibition-style restaurant and bar with an extensive whisky & bourbon list and delicious food. In addition to whisky flights, beer, and wine, they serve NA alternatives like the Aurora Hops Yuzu Orange Blossom and Athletic Run Wild IPA. 

Hogwash Whiskey Den offers romantic dining in Spokane in a laid-back atmosphere. Hogwash is open Monday through Saturday from 4 pm to 10 pm and on Sundays for brunch from 10 am to 2 pm. 

6. Anthony’s Home Port

Cost: $$$
Best for: Seafood and Outdoor Dining
Location: 510 N. Lincoln 

Anthony’s Home Port sits near Spokane Falls and is a nice restaurant in Spokane to enjoy dinner with a view. Anthony’s is a premiere seafood restaurant serving dishes made with locally sourced northwest seafood and produce. 

Monday through Friday until 5:30 pm, they serve a seasonal prefix sunset menu for $26 per person. Because of the stunning views and outdoor seating, Anthony’s is also the perfect romantic lunch date restaurant. Whether you sit inside or out, Anthony’s offers stunning views. 

7. Elliot’s an Urban Kitchen

Cost: $$
Best for: Foodies
Location: 2209 N. Monroe St.

Elliot’s an Urban Kitchen is a small, quiet restaurant in Spokane that’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So whether you want a delicious scotch egg, pork belly, or green chili, this is one of the best date restaurants in Spokane for foodies, particularly brunch.

Elliot’s delicious food is made from care with fresh, local ingredients, and their top-notch staff and management will ensure your date and meal go smoothly.

8. Gander and Ryegrass

Cost: $$$
Best for: Tasting Menu
Location: 404 W. Main Ave

Gander and Ryegrass is a fine-dining Italian restaurant with one of the best-tasting menus in Spokane. Their three-course pairing menu changes daily and costs $72 per person. Couples can add wine pairings for an additional $39 per person. 

If you prefer craft cocktails over wine, try one (or two) of one of their many seasonal offerings or a house standard like Paloma Escobar or the Paper Plane. 

Its elegant, cozy atmosphere is perfect for romantic dining in Spokane.

9. Top of India

Cost: $$
Best for: Indian Food
Location: 11114. E. Sprague

Top of India is considered by many to have the best Indian food and is an excellent date night restaurant in Spokane. Top of Indian is a simple restaurant that serves many Vegan options. On Tuesday, the restaurant serves a buffet which is a great way to try many of their delicious foods.

The restaurant decor doesn’t have a lot of frills, but its cozy tables and excellent service make it one of the best date night restaurants in Spokane.

9. Cozy Coffee & Bistro

Cost: $$
Best for: Coffee Date 
Location: 514 N. Barker Rd.

Cozy Coffee & Bistro is just what its name implies; it is a cozy, quiet spot to have a delicious coffee date. It is not a fancy restaurant in Spokane, but its relaxed, comfy interior is perfect for a cup of coffee, a delicious flatbread, or their scrumptious caramel cashew cinnamon roll.

In addition to their cozy interior, they also have outdoor patio seating to enjoy when the weather is nice. Start with a coffee and end with a beer or glass of wine.

10. Wild Sage Bistro

Cost: $$$
Best for: Craft Cocktails
Location: 916 W 2nd Ave

Wild Sage Bistro is a delightful Spokane date night restaurant with a romantic ambiance and beautifully plated food. Open for dinner seven nights a week from 4 pm to 9 pm, be sure to snag a reservation in advance. 

Their Lusty Libations drink menu features their namesake drink, The Wild Sage, made with gin, lime, and sage. Other unique drink offerings are the Rubarb Mule, Black Hat, Blueberry Basil Drop, and their famous, spicy Smoke & Mirrors featuring Absolut Pepper Vodka.

11. Italia Trattoria

Cost: $$
Best for: Italian Food
Location: 144 S. Cannon St.

Italia Trattoria is a romantic Italian restaurant in Spokane. The restaurant offers beautiful al fresco dining year-round on their enclosed, heated patio. They serve Sunday brunch and dinner Wednesdays through Saturday.

Italia Trattoria is famed for its delicious desserts and handmade, in-house pasta. The plating of the food is beautifully done, and it tastes as good as it looks. The attentive service and lovely atmosphere make it the perfect spot to enjoy dinner and dessert.  

12. The Grand Terrace Bar

Cost: $$$
Best for: Rooftop Dining
Location: 333 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.

The Grand Terrace Bar is a romantic rooftop restaurant in Spokane. The Grand Terrace bar is on top of the Davenport Grand Restaurant & Lounge and offers stunning views of Riverfront Park.

Enjoy a drink and appetizers on top of the bar, or come for a relaxing and romantic drink after dinner in the beautiful open-air space. They feature a winter and summer menu and have seasonal events like live music and nightly cornhole.

13. Whim Wine Bar

Cost: $$
Best for: Wine Lovers
Location: 808 W. Main Ave

Whim Wine Bar is a beautiful restaurant in Spokane that is perfect for a romantic dinner. Happy Hour is on weekdays from 5-7 and is an excellent opportunity to sip on their house wines and share their wine and cheese boards. 

You and your date can share a delicious, handmade pizza and sip on velvety red wine in this romantic Spokane spot for the 21+ crowd only. There are no reservations but ample seating for a romantic lunch or dinner.

14. The Barrel Steak & Seafood House

Cost: $$$
Best for: A Steak Dinner
Location: 808 W. Main Ave

The Barrel Steak & Seafood House is among the most romantic restaurants in Spokane. Dimly lit dark leather booths with old-fashioned light fixtures create the romantic ambiance needed for the perfect date night.

It is the perfect space for a special occasion dinner, particularly if you enjoy a good steak. In addition to magnificent steaks, they also serve buttery scallops, fresh salmon, and bourbon apple chicken. 

Dinner at the Barrel Steak & Seafood House is a guaranteed delicious and romantic night out.

15. Magnolia American Brasserie 

Cost: $$$
Best for: American Favorites 
Location: 110 S. Madison St.

Magnolia American Brasserie is a modern, sleek, romantic restaurant in Spokane that is perfect for your date night. They serve American fare with a refined twist, including their Magnolia Smash Burger, wild mushroom risotto, and pesto smoked salmon linguini.

The decor includes an open-ceiling structure, neutral gray and cream tones, and unique brass chandeliers that add to the romantic vibe. Part of the Willard Hotel is ideal for drinks, dinner, or one of their delightful desserts.

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