Where to Find Good Men in Dallas, TX? (Except for Bars)

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If you actually want to meet good men in Dallas, you must be proactive and put yourself out there.

This means using popular dating apps and exploring different social settings and activities.

Where to Find Good Men in Dallas, TX?

1. Dating Apps

Good men in Dallas use dating apps because they have busy schedules with their careers and other commitments, which makes it difficult to find time to go out and meet new people.

Also, dating apps provide a larger pool of potential partners than they may encounter in their daily lives.

This is why it’s important to be on Dallas dating apps and sites if you actually want to find good men.

They offer a convenient and low-pressure way to connect with high-quality men who you never meet in your local bars or clubs.

Just make sure you don’t start the conversation with a generic intro.

Instead, break the ice with something like: “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice and introduce myself! Hi, I’m Cathy!“

Some popular dating apps include:

2. Entrepreneurial Workshops

Entrepreneurial workshops are one of the best places to meet successful men in Dallas because they attract successful men who are self-motivated and ambitious.

Attendees have a shared interest in starting or improving businesses, which provides a common ground to connect and network with each other.

This gives you the perfect excuse to strike up a conversation with a man. 

The best time to approach someone is usually during the natural break or at the end, which is usually designed as networking time.

Some popular entrepreneurial workshops in Dallas include:

3. Tech Events and Meetups

Tech events and meetups are great not so well known places to meet smart men in Dallas.

The main reason smart men go to tech events is to stay up to date on the latest trends and innovations in their industry and to network with others. 

As people go there to learn and meet new people, it’s expected that people will strike up conversations with others. This gives you the perfect excuse to approach a man.

An easy excuse to approach someone is to ask for help or their opinion on a particular technology or tool related to the event.

For example: “Hi there, I’m Jane. I’m looking for a Zoom alternative. Which do you think is the best?”

Some popular places to find tech events in Dallas include:

4. Comedy Clubs

Comedy clubs are probably the best social events in Dallas to meet good men because they provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere that makes it easy to initiate conversation.

Good men in Dallas go to comedy clubs because these are excellent places to unwind and relax after a long work week.

The best time to go to a comedy club is on a weekend evening when they typically have their biggest shows. 

A safe time to approach someone is in the beginning, when people are gathering and more open to small talk or during the intermission.

You could break the ice with something like: “Hey there, have you heard the one about the comedian who ran out of material? Yeah, neither have I. Let’s hope tonight’s not his night.”

Some popular comedy clubs in Dallas include:

5. Toastmasters Clubs

Toastmasters clubs are known to be a great place to meet quality men in Dallas who are interested in self-improvement and public speaking.

The best time to attend is during one of their weekly meetings, where members practice speeches and receive constructive feedback.

To approach a man at a Toastmasters club, you can ask what he thought of a particular speaker or speech or ask for his feedback.

A great icebreaker to approach someone at a Toastmasters club could be:

“Hey there, I’m pretty sure I’m still stuck in the ‘um’ phase of my speeches, but I’m hoping to upgrade to ‘uhh’ soon. Have you managed to conquer any of the speech filler words yet?”

Some popular Toastmasters clubs in Dallas include:

6. Improv Classes

Improv classes are a great way to meet educated men in Dallas because they are designed to be fun and playful.

They require participants to work together and build upon each other’s ideas, creating affinity and trust. 

This, in turn, helps people let their guard down and connect more easily with others. 

The best time to attend these classes is during the evenings or weekends when most people are free from work.

An easy excuse to approach a man in an improv class is to ask for his help in practicing or rehearsing a scene or exercise.

For example: “Hey, I was wondering if you’d like to practice this scene with me? I think it would be fun to work on together.”

Some popular improv classes in Dallas include:

7. Co-working Spaces

Dallas co-working spaces are great places to find smart men because they attract smart people who are focused on building their careers and businesses. 

Smart men in Dallas go to co-working spaces to network, collaborate with others, and work on their projects in a communal environment.

The best time to go to co-working spaces to meet men is during the peak working hours, typically from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays.

The easiest way to approach a man in a co-working space is to ask for technical help with something.

For example, you could say, “I’ll be honest, my social skills are about as good as my printer’s. Can you help me to setup up a Zoom meeting?”

Some popular co-working spaces in Dallas include:

8. Wine Tasting Events

Dallas wine-tasting events are fantastic places to meet educated men. These events attract men who appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy expanding their knowledge of wine. 

Educated men in Dallas are likely to attend wine tastings as they enjoy learning about different wine regions and varietals.

The best time to attend a wine tasting to meet quality men is during the evenings or weekends when these events are usually held.

An easy way to approach a man at a wine-tasting event is to ask for his opinion on a specific wine.

For example: “Hey, what specific notes do you detect in this wine? I’m tasting cherries.”

This can lead to an interesting conversation about taste preferences and could be a great way to break the ice. 

Some popular places for wine-tasting events include:


Can you meet a nice guy in a bar?

Yes, you can, but good men are busy with their careers and hobbies, and the likelihood of meeting one in a bar isn’t that high. Instead, explore not so well known social settings and activities that nice guys already go to. For example, tech events, comedy clubs, and volunteering. 

Where to meet older single men in Dallas?

Some popular places to meet older men in Dallas include wine tastings, golf clubs, and sporting events. The fastest way to meet men is through dating apps and new social settings. If you want to meet men to date, you must put yourself out there.

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