15 Real Benefits of Long-Distance Relationships (2024)

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There are many benefits of long-distance relationships, although maintaining them can be challenging. The lack of physical intimacy can make them a hard nut to crack.

However, you need not be pushed around by its storms because LDRs are a fantastic way to experience the smallest, most intense love affair of your life.

1. Getting to Travel to Visit Him

One of the key benefits of an LDR relationship is that you get to visit and explore the city where your significant other lives and vice versa.

The journey might require a considerable budget, and if you’re both career-minded, it can also be time-consuming but certainly not uneventful. The thrill of exploring new places surely outweighs these downsides.

Moreover, shuffling between different environments will help you uncover fresh perspectives. You get to share unique and meaningful views on various subjects.

You can also make this more fun by meeting in a different city. It could be a place you’ve both wanted to visit or a place in between your residential homes. 

2. Connecting With Words and Deeper Things Than Just Sex

When you’re physically separated, you miss out on the little things about your partner, like how they smell, their touch, the sounds they make when they are asleep, and the great sex you used to have.

These may feel like you’re missing out on the most important things, but that’s far from the truth. Physical intimacy is important but not the most important. The emotional and mental connection is what matters the most. 

When you’re physically distant, you have enough time to talk to each other about your values and goals over the phone. This has a way of deepening your bond. 

3. The Sex When You Meet Him Again

The sex when you meet your partner during long-distance relationships is a whole different ball game. It’s like an entirely new animal. Why? 

Being away from each other intensifies the sexual tension. Every part of you awaits your partner’s arrival. And so, the sex becomes more intense because you are both so excited at the thought of being together again and experiencing what it would be like if they were always with you.

You may have two or three rounds at the end of the day without planning it because a part of you knows that time is not a luxury.

4. You Learn to Communicate Better

One of the pros of long-distance relationships is that you learn to communicate better.

In a distance relationship, you and your partner have no physical cues, so it can be difficult to figure out how you both feel. All you have is words; If you can’t express your feelings effectively, your relationship will be strained.

When communication becomes the air your relationship breathes, you are left with no option but to enhance it, or the relationship will fall apart.  

Additionally, honing your communication skills enables you to bring the best out of other people, spurring professional success in the long run.

5. You Learn a Lot About Your Partner and Yourself

In a relationship where you see your partner literally every day, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget everything else that’s going on in your life, including work or school. 

You overlook minor problems that could negatively affect your relationship in the long run. Such issues could revolve around your partner’s character or approach to life. 

However, being in a long-distance relationship gives you a reality check on such issues. You get to learn how they react under pressure. Do they shut people out?

You also get a better understanding of what makes them tick and how you handle your down times. This will help you know your strengths and weaknesses.

6. Don’t Have to Shave or Wax so Often

Another of the LDR benefits is that you don’t have to shave or wax as often. Although it’s crucial to maintain proper hygiene in any relationship, being able to skip the razor and wax can be a great relief from the stress of maintaining cleanliness.

In cases where you have sensitive skin but want to shave, try getting products from pharmacies and supermarkets that can help with this problem. 

For example, anti-inflammatory creams such as cortisone cream or hydrocortisone cream will help reduce redness caused by irritation after shaving. In any case, you should seek the advice of medical personnel before using any products.  

7. You Learn to Build and Sustain an Emotional Connection

Being in a long-distance relationship teaches you how to stay emotionally connected with your partner. You’ll have time to talk about things that matter, such as your day or why you’re feeling anxious about something. 

This is something that people who live together may not have time for because there are always other things going on around them. 

Being able to talk about serious issues can help keep your relationship strong if one of you gets sick or has a bad day at work or school. It will also help you build trust in your partner. 

8. Teaches You Patience

Being in a long-distance relationship can be tough, but it is also one of the best things that could happen to you because it teaches you how to listen, be patient, and be supportive.

Sometimes one of you might miss a phone call or text message from the other person and then have to wait for hours or days before getting a reply.

This is inarguably frustrating, but because you’d want your relationship to last, you gradually learn to hear them out before casting judgment when this happens. 

It also teaches you how important it is to make time for each other, even if it means sacrificing your own personal preferences or needs (like going out with friends).

9. You Value the Actual Time Spent Together

It’s easy to forget the little acts of service or activities such as chit-chatting over a coffee or taking an evening walk with your partner when you do it often.  

But then, learning the art of valuing and maximizing time is one of the most significant benefits of a long-distance relationship. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so seldomly seeing your partner helps you value every little moment you spend together. This appreciatory feeling usually spurs a sense of fulfillment. 

It also teaches you that sometimes you need to make sacrifices to make every meeting with your partner remarkable. 

10. You Learn to do Romantic Gestures

Being in a long-distance relationship teaches you how to do romantic gestures for your partner to show them that they are special. 

No matter the toll the distance is taking on you, you would feel the urge to show your partner that they mean so much to you. 

The gestures you can show your partner include:

  • Sending a surprise gift to them without any special reason.
  • Making dinner reservations for them at a new restaurant.
  • Paying them a surprise visit. 

These gestures, in turn, show your partner that you’re willing to go out of your way to sustain your relationship with them. 

11. Learning to Talk Through Problems When They Arise

In any relationship, especially distant ones, there will be times when one partner needs space or wants more intimate contact than the other is willing to give.

The only realistic option you and your significant other have is to talk through the problem. In the end, you work together to map out a long-term plan to manage future misunderstandings.

In general, learning how to talk through problems will have a positive effect on every other aspect of your life. You’ll be able to handle disagreements with willful coworkers, friends, and family without getting hurt.

12. You Get a Lot of Time for Yourself

Being in a long-distance relationship may not have been the best thing that happened to you and your significant other. But here’s what you may not know; the free time you spend away from your partner could be a blessing in disguise. 

It’s easy to get carried away in romantic relationships and forget about your individuality; you do everything together at the peril of your solitary interests. 

However, the effect of a long-distance relationship is that you cannot spend every spare time on calls or facetime with him. And in your free time, you can focus on yourself and reflect on your values and goals.

13. You Will Find Out How Serious You Are About Each Other

A distant relationship can test and challenge you and your better half’s love for each other. It’s easy to figure out whether it’s infatuation or love when you’re away from each other. 

There’s no shortcut to making LDRs work. The only way is for the couples to be committed. The willingness to spend days, weeks, months, or even a few years apart indicates that you don’t want to lose your relationship.

However, their intentionality and the sacrifices they make in order to keep the flame burning will show if they are serious or not. If your partner doesn’t go the extra mile to ensure that both of you are happy while being distant, you may need to re-evaluate your relationship. 

14. You Learn to be Creative

Dinner is usually the highlight of a timeless date night. Once you’ve explored a few dinner dates or even movie nights together, sitting at home alone with your mojito drink and a laptop becomes mundane.

Sadly, having such physical dinner dates are not possible in an LDR. In a bid to spice up your relationship, you learn to get artistic about how you express your feelings and bond over virtual dates.

You can try to surprise your partner with a handwritten love letter or plan a trip to a new place. The ability to be creative in how you show love to your significant other creates a long-lasting distance relationship.

15. You Will Have an Amazing Story

Love is beautiful, and being with the one that makes you happy is invaluable regardless of the physical separation.  

No matter how many times you fall asleep on Skype together, you and your significant other never give up on each other.

No matter the storms you encounter, you choose never to let them define you and your partner. Instead, you stand up for each other and weather the storms together. It’s because you believe that the relationship is worth your while. 

At the very end of the relationship, you will have the luxury of telling your kids a dreamy story about how you stood by each other.


Why are long-distance relationships good?

Yes, they are. Long-distance relationships teach you the art of waiting. You learn to value the moment you spend with each other more, and you learn a lot about yourself and your significant other.

Is a long-distance relationship worth it? 

Yes, it is. In a long-distance relationship, you will quickly find out where your relationship with your partner stands. In this way, you will figure out whether it’s worth pursuing or not.

Are long-distance relationships healthy? 

Yes, they are healthy but require a great deal of effort from both partners. After all, it takes two to tango. 

Does distance help a relationship? 

Yes, distance can help a relationship. When you don’t see your partner often, you value their presence more and feel less bored. 

Is a long-distance relationship healthy? 

Yes, it is. A long-distance relationship can be healthy if you learn to talk through your problems when they arise, and it can be healthier when you know to make romantic gestures to show that you care.

Do long-distance relationships last? 

Of course. A long-distance relationship can last. However, there’s no hard and fast rule to make it last. But you and your partner have to put in the effort to make it a long-term relationship.

What is the effect of long-distance on relationships? 

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you have nothing to sustain your relationship other than words. In the process, you build communication skills that will help your relationship and other aspects of your life.

Does distance make a relationship stronger? 

Yes, it does. It can help strengthen the bond that transcends physical intimacy between you and your significant other. 

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